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Geen boodschappen op antwoordapparaat achterlaten aub.
Officiële hersteldienst Rainbow  in Retie en Olsene
Onmiddellijke herstellingen op vrijdag in Olsene om 14u
Vrijdag 21/6/2024 is er uitzonderlijk geen service in Olsene.

Zaterdag 22/6/2024 zijn we terug geopend.


Clean your home naturally with the power of water

Rainbow® uses mother nature's strongest element, water, to trap dirt and odors,
and returns water-washed air to your environment.

No Dustbags

Filtration with water


pictogrammen 1.png
Rainbow stofzuiger SRX, het meest perpromante reinigingstoestel in de wereld voor het reinigen van uw huis
pictogrammen 2.png

Certified Air Purifier

Odor elimination

Reduce Allergens

The floor. The furniture. Even the air you breathe can be purer and healthier.

The original water-based home cleaning system. Built to last.

A solution for every surface

The Rainbow has a wide range of attachments and accessories that you
give the power and versatility to clean your entire home.

Rainbow vloerborstel, goed voor alle oppervlakken


Rainbow elektrische borstel om tapijt en matras diep te reinigen


Rainbow kleine elektrische borstel


Rainbow minijet om vlekken uit tapijt te krijgen


Book a home demonstration today.


CAUTION: DO NOT make the mistake of purchasing your Rainbow from an unofficial Rainbow dealer.

When you buy a Rainbow, you are buying many years of experience, continuous improvement and craftsmanship. The purchase of a Rainbow is supported by Rexair LLC and your Authorized Rainbow Distributor. Only an Authorized Rainbow Distributor / Dealer can sell and recognize an authentic Rainbow. Rainbow Belgium is an official distributor and repairer for Belgium.
We have a service point in Retie. All other channels are not recognized and do NOT have a manufacturer's warranty. Only our 4 technicians are trained by Rexair to repair Rainbow professionally. There is a service point in De Pinte and in Retie. All others are not recognized by the manufacturer. Rainbow Belgium does NOT place paid google ads online.

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