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Rainbow® Attachments

Experience the powerful Rainbow® Attachments that come standard with the Rainbow®. A powerful solution for every situation.

Floor And Wall Brush

The floor and wall brush can be used on any hard surface, even walls.
This brush collects dirt and dust.

attach brush.jpg
attach dusting.jpg

Dusting brush

Removing dust in your home has never been so easy and effective.
Use the dusting brush on just about any surface, from cabinets to lamp camps and so much more.

Upholstery Brush

Dirt can sometimes get very deep into the dust.
The Upholstery tool is perfect for removing deep dirt from your cushions, curtains and other fabrics.

attach upholstery.jpg
attach crevice.jpg

Crevice Tool

You can use the Crevice tool to place hard to reach places between your car seats, for example. Due to its narrow design, difficult to clean areas suddenly become easy to reach.

Precision Tool / Inflator Tool

To reach hard-to-reach places, the design with the thickness of a straw allows you to work with great precision. This tool can also be used to inflate your sitting ball, for example.

attach inflator.jpg
attach pet.jpg

Pets Massage Tool

Your pet has a lot of loose hair. In addition to the classic animal brush, you can use this attachment to comb / massage your favorite pet and collect the hair.

Aero Fresh Bag

This bag allows you to vacuum pillows and blankets. This makes it possible to remove old, dusty air to create a dust-free living environment

attach zak.jpg
attach coil.jpg

Coil Cleaner

To get the difficult and a lot of dust under your refrigerator or behind the heating, you can use the Coil Cleaner. Due to its long, narrow design, it is possible to clean and dust-free areas of your devices that are difficult to reach.

For a clean and healthier home

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